Mundane Japan

Maybe a new purpose for this website?

Time flies fast. The last post was back in May of last year. Now it’s February 2019. Where did the time go?

I’m thinking of a new purpose for this website. Maybe it should be a place where I share some mundane practical tips on how to do mundane things in Japan as a non-Japanese person. Maybe I should talk about how to read a Japanese utility bill and where to pay for it. Maybe I should talk about how to read some food labels in Japanese grocery stores. Or, maybe I should share how to sign up for Internet service in Japan.

I’m not sure it even matters at this point. Nobody is looking at this website, and everything I write on this website is just a bunch of self-talk. So, who cares, right? That said, it could be a fun playground for web development. Maybe I will write a custom theme for it.

On the side note, I’ve seen a lot of negativity around WordPress 5.x, also known as Gutenberg. Honestly, I don’t mind it. Sure, it’s got rough edges, but I don’t see how it’s worse than the clunky old Classic WYSIWYG editor. I certainly don’t mind it compared to a bunch of clunky WYSIWYG website builders. Those are the worst in my opinion. I would much rather use Gutenberg than a site builder plug-in/theme.

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