Mundane Japan

Second Try: Home Roasting

It was Sunny and not so windy today, and I was about to run out of coffee beans. So, I decided to take a long lunch break and roast coffee. My equipment: I went for the lighter roast for the first batch, and here is how it turned out: I went for darker roast for the second batch, and here is how it turned out: It became just a little bit windy by the time I got started, and it might have affected the heat distribution. I might try coming up with a better DIY windshield around the stove next time.

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Home Roasting

Check out these beauties: My first coffee roasting experiment. The lighter one is the first attempt, and the darker one is the second try. I have not tasted them, though, since I try not to have caffeine in the afternoon to improve my sleep.  I ended up opting for an alternative roasting method. I looked into the air popper option pretty extensively to select the best one among a few models available in Japan. It turned out that all of them had some significant issues with factory-default thermostat settings, and many people have had trouble with their air poppers shutting down way too quickly. It’s likely that all of the

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Maybe a new purpose for this website?

Time flies fast. The last post was back in May of last year. Now it’s February 2019. Where did the time go? I’m thinking of a new purpose for this website. Maybe it should be a place where I share some mundane practical tips on how to do mundane things in Japan as a non-Japanese person. Maybe I should talk about how to read a Japanese utility bill and where to pay for it. Maybe I should talk about how to read some food labels in Japanese grocery stores. Or, maybe I should share how to sign up for Internet service in Japan. I’m not sure it even matters at

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